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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Welcome NPR Listeners!

Thank you to Bruce Reznik, the NPR reporter who spent so much time learning about Jobs4.0 in preparation for his report on us today. To his great credit, he not only did the standard interviews, he actually came to our office to read many of the emails we've received from job seekers, spoke to our clients and conducted his own research....pretty impressive. He's a professional who has been in the business for many years, and it shows.
In case you missed the report this AM, it will run again at 7:50 AM, 9:50 AM and in some cities at 11:50 AM EST.

To NPR listeners:


As the report suggests, Jobs4.0 launched just over 4 months ago and we are already partnering with GE, MIT, The Home Depot, Starbucks Coffee Company, UBS, US Surgical, Yale Hospital, and many many more. We work only with prominent employers -no staffing firms or headhunters. Every job posted on our site is sent to us from the company itself, and is the result of a conversation (or three) we've had with them about their commitment to reaching out to job seekers over 40. We spend all day every day talking to employers, trying to find companies that want to judge candidates on their skills and experience, and not on how many birthday candles were on their cake last year.

This process takes time to do it right, without compromising our standards in any way. So if you don't see any relevant postings today, please check back with us soon. We will be adding hundreds of jobs later in the week from additional employers, and every week we welcome new employers into the family of Jobs4.0 companies that are embracing experienced workers.

Please contact us with your comments, suggestions, success stories, employers we should contact, etc. We'd like to hear from you.


Red Williams said...

I absolutely love this idea! As a 40 year old paralegal, I understand the value of having someone who really knows the job and has garnered years of common sense and experience, as opposed to someone who just got out of college and is more likely to job-hop. I will check back frequently let others know about your site.

Thank you for recognizing our value.

Red Williams

lieferick said...

I heard about your site on NPR this morning and was excited about the concept. I've been searching jobs and submitting resumes for more than 18 months with only two interviews and no offers. I was disappointed to do a search and get job listings from only two companies, and many of those were duplicates with different titles. Hope your employer list grows and your site is successful. Thought of 5.0 or 6.0?

Steve said...

I was mesmerized by your piece on NPR this morning. As a 59-year-old art director in the advertising business, I run up against age bias every day. Younger managers are uncomfortable working with me, because they used to report to people like me. I’m routinely left out of new-business pitches. I’ve been laid off from two other agencies in the past three years because of cutbacks, not performance. I jump every time a manager looks at me oddly or averts their eyes.

We just lost a major client and I've been told it doesn't look good for me to keep my position because I’m too senior in the creative department. Not too old, they say, but I make too much money for the work they currently have be doing. Getting older and wanting to work really bites.

learninghorses said...

I found this very interesting as I listened on NPR yesterday. I am only 33, but work at a young company where everyone is younger (and less experienced). Without experienced seasoned employees who mentors me? Who helps me grow? Who gives me advice? I NEED to work with experienced people and inexperienced people alike. I need all perspectives to make sure my company gets the best performance in all areas. You are on the right track.