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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Corporate Layoffs - Who Gets Cut?

A TV reporter called me yesterday, she wanted to know if I had any statistics on how corporate downsizing impacts job seekers over 40. While there is certainly reason to suspect that older workers bear the brunt of mass layoffs, I have not been able to uncover any hard stats on this. Calls to various labor departments have gone unanswered, and so far our own research has turned up little hard data as well. Has anyone seen any stas on this?

It is an extremely relevant issue - yesterday's NY Times reported that Motorola plans to cut 5% of its workforce in the first half of this year. I wonder how many of the 3,500 people losing their jobs will be over 40?

CNNMoney reports that Pfizer is also expected to cut 10% of its work force this year, on top of the 20% in layoffs it recently made to its US sales force.
Sure, workers over 40 are likely to be earning more than younger workers, and maybe that is the pretense for slashing those jobs. But are they given the opportunity to take a pay reduction to stay in their job, or are the layoffs just a convenient way to target older workers? And if the idea is to target the high salaries, how come the layoffs never seem to include the CEO or the other chief officers of the company?
I wonder... and I wonder if the government even keeps statistics on this... sure would be nice if a state or federal labor department would return my calls...

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