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Friday, January 19, 2007

Four Month Update

After 4 months we are certainly seeing some trends: although there are some companies that clearly understand ageism and want to reach out to older workers, all in all there is lots of work to be done to educate employers. To their credit, a wide range of employers have listened to us with an open mind, and we've made great progress with them. Jobs4.0 now has thousands and thousands of job postings in many parts of the U.S. All from companies that want to see resumes from job seekers over 40!! At the same time, there is a substantial percentage of companies that seem 'aggressively disinterested' in reaching out to job seekers over 40. (We are saving names, and emails received, and we'll be watching them....)

Here's what you can do...reach out to the employers that post on the site. Even if you don't see a job that is a perfect match, it is worthwhile to send your resume and a note saying you know they are open to hiring older workers, and can they forsee any job openings which might be a good fit for you? Also, please send our site around to your over 40 colleagues - if companies don't see enough responses from postings on our site, they'll be no need for them to think they need to reach out to job seekers over 40!!!!

We'll keep pounding; every day we are making progress... we add new jobs and new employers almost every single day... please keep checking the site and tell companies you saw their postings on Jobs4.0.

PS. Please let us know how Jobs4.0 companies have responded to your applications. Are you getting job offers? interviews? thanks.

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