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Thursday, January 4, 2007

New Employers Partnering with Jobs4.0

We spend most of our days and nights (when we are not dealing with our tech dept)talking to employers all over the US -- lots and lots of them. There are many outstanding developments. Here's two of them: We are very happy to welcome GE and Starbucks Coffee Company to our site, as our most recent employers to join the family of employers that embrace job seekers over 40! They join Yale Hospital, MIT, UBS, the national law firm of Greenberg, Traurig (no relation, though I am a lawyer), and many more.

It's great that GE and UBS and Starbucks are with us now, but we know we still have lots of locations and categories that do not have enough (or any) job postings at this point. The good news is that we have A LOT of great discussions going on with major employers all over the US, and we'll see a steady stream of good, quality jobs come on to the site in the coming days, weeks and months. Please mark our site as a Favorite, and check back with us regularly. With your support we can continue to get the attention of prominent employers. Without it we won't make progress! But we are moving ahead with some great companies who will be posting jobs that you will be happy to see. I promise! We are growing every day, please be patient and stick with us! Thanks!!


PS. (I love using PS, in case you haven't noticed)
We could fill our site with jobs today if we really wanted to, but we don't want to post hundreds of "work at home" jobs or other sketchy jobs. We just won't do that. That is not what Jobs4.0 is about. We reject jobs all the time from staffing firms, temp agencies and so forth. As agents, they are too unaccountable, it's too easy for over 40 job seekers to be ignored. Every job on our site is a good job, from a respected employer, who wants to evaluate your skills and not how many birthdays you have had. It takes time to gather jobs like that in all categories around the US, but in the end it will be of far greater value to job seekers over 40. Thanks!!

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