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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The latest from the Donald.... Trump Discrimination?

I was talking to a radio reporter this morning about Jobs4.0 and how ageism is impacting job seekers over 40 all over the US, to varying degrees. He wanted to know how come there weren't more age discrimination cases filed by frustrated job seekers.
Even to the extent cases are filed they tend to be age discrimination in the firing of an older employee and not the failure to hire a new employee. Of course the main reason is that it is so hard to prove. Many older job seekers never even get a response to their resumes, perhaps because of a fear of a lawsuit (if you've never actually been formally rejected, how can you sue?). On the other hand, the practice is so widespread that it'd be hard to sue thousands of companies on a 'conspiracy of silence' claim! Either way older job seekers have an expensive and difficult road if they choose litigation.

By coincidence I received this story today - someone is choosing to walk that road; a 49 year old is suing Donald Trump because he was deemed too old to be on The Apprentice. (They hire only younger people? what a shock!) With all the young faces all over TV, this case will be interesting to watch.

At least now I know why The Apprentice hasn't posted any jobs on our site.,,20007211,00.html

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