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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Welcome NY Times readers!

Welcome NY Times readers......good to see the paper of record has taken notice of us already, just 4 months into it.

A quick overview of Jobs4.0:

1. Jobs4.0 is the only site that is actively working to find job opportunities for people over 40 years of age. We know that ageism often starts at 40, and we understand the deep frustration that so many over 40 workers feel when their skills and talent are rejected because of their birthdate. We founded the site in order to open doors for job seekers over 40 at prominent employers.

2. There are many many sites focusing on retirees and seniors, some of them were discussed in the Times. Those are fine, but the point of Jobs4.0 is that we are the "anti-retirement job site". We want to erase the perception that workers over 40 are seniors looking to limp into retirement; to the contrary, employers such as GE, Starbucks, UBS, US Surgical, Save the Children, Marriott and so many more have chosen to partner with Jobs4.0 because they understand that this group is skilled, energetic, focused and capable of adding value to their respective company for 10 or 20 or more years....Unlike the other sites mentioned, Jobs4.0 is about Gray Matter, not Gray Hair!

3. We post positions from prominent employers only. We are the only site that will not accept job postings from staffing firms or employment agencies. Agencies are too unaccountable, the jobs are too often undefined. You will not find any sketchy jobs here; only good, solid positions at established companies that have represented to us that they will evaluate job seekers over 40 on their ability.

4. Our strict guidelines for posting jobs means that the process of finding jobs in every category and location in the US takes some time. We are adding jobs every day, but we won't compromise our standards just to put a job on our site. So if you don't see a good match yet, please check back with us regularly (bookmark our site!). We are working hard to make it happen. We are close, for example, with two large national employers to add jobs this coming week. Stay tuned.....

5. Please send us your feedback, comments, suggestions. We gets lots of mail, and your stories and input are invaluable to us. Thanks!

Welcome to our site, and please don't forget to tell the employers on our site that you saw the posting on Jobs4.0.


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