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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Steven, pick up line 2, Bias on the phone

Had an interesting call this employment consulting company called - they advise some large employers on where to place ads for their open jobs... they wanted to recommend us to only one of their clients that is an old-time company... what about other clients I asked? She said, 'well, Jobs4.0 fills a very specific niche, a very narrow niche'. Yikes! I wanted to know what niche might that be?? Which employers in her mind should not even considering hiring job seekers over 40??? She wasn't GM of the Yankees, nor was she recruitng for Miss Teen USA.... so I asked her, why are you assuming that reaching out to job seekers over 40 is not in your clients best interests????

Her apparent bias against older workers wasn't shocking, but it was certainly a loud reminder that we have a long way to go to educate employers about the strength of the 40+ labor pool and the many benefits that any employer can reap from hiring them ... job seekers over 40 should not be thought of as retired workers that are good merely to sell tickets at a movie theater! We ended up having a decent conversation, but we'll see what happens........Did we open that door or not, I can't say.. Gotta go, many more doors to pound on this morning...


PS. Keep the emails coming about your experiences, we find them very useful.. thanks.

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