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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Oops..... looks like we were ready for and, but Yahoo put us over the edge!! Sorry we were offline for a few hours today. We have made some changes (hopefully they are improvements, we sure think they are), and that should not happen again. Thanks for your patience and your persistence.

The good news is that Jobs4.0 is gaining traction around the US. We are continuing to build strength among job seekers over 40, and as a result more and more companies are noticing! (more on that tomorrow AM)

Job seekers over 40 are not alone anymore -- we are getting a great deal of emails from people who are sharing their stories of age discrimination, starting as young as 41! We'll be sharing some of the stories, as soon as I recover from today's events. Thanks again for your support......stick with us!


PS. And feel free to chime in on the blog, we'd love to hear from you


Vasanth said...

This site & the idea behind is great. I think 40+ workers have so much to offer employers. I'm sure that 50+ & 60+ can offer even more! Note that I say this as a 30+ yr old!

I was always puzzled as to why people cannot recognize the skill-set an experienced worker brings to the table. Sadly I think it has to do with ability of most managers who can only produce using brute force & having younger workers who may be able to work longer hours. But the superior managers recognize being able to do more in less hours with experienced people.

Rickler said...

I certainly hope that your site becomes a huge success. I was stunned at the blatant discrimination that exists for older workers when I had to look for a job at 49 ... and I've hired well over a thousand people myself during my career.

For me, when I started looking, I considered myself to be at the most valuable point of my career with more than a few attributes and experience that were difficult to find in the marketplace.

Yet, after chasing many dozens of executive level opportunities in the same or similar industries where I virtually hit every "must have" on lengthy job requirements wish lists, I rarely got a reply, (This is not even counting the hundreds upon hundreds of jobs that I was definetely qualified for, but was a little farther out on the target.)

After over two years of a full-time search, I finally took a job with nearly a 40% pay cut and doing something I could have done twenty years ago. While I previously managed and led hundreds of people, I now have a job where I am near the bottom of the totem pole in my functional capacity and manage no one. But considering the difficulty in finding any viable employment, I feel fortunate to have it.

What is even more frustrating is that I am in finance and accounting, and jobs have been falling off trees for the last two to three years because of SOX.

Local recruiters often whine that they can't find people in accounting and auditing. I was at dinner meeting recently where a recruiter was complaining about the lack of candidates, when someone at the table asked this individual (who works for one of the national contingency-based headhunters) about the volume of candidates in their resume pool. After a little stuttering, they admitted that they did have a number of candidates but most were "too senior."

Good luck!

hardy said...

I think your site is outstanding! As a displaced 51 year old operations manager from a background of many years of manufacturing, I am putting your site on my "favorites" list to check regularly. I would be willing to be your representative in the Middle Tennessee area to help recruit new employers in this area.
Kudos, and good luck.

mike said...

I am now 40. I started feeling the discrimination when I was in my 30s and a fresh graduate with an M.B.A. I had big dreams for myself at one time.

One major issue appears to be employers that are completely enamored with the 20-something crowd which - as we all know - is lacking in overall professional maturity, wisdom and dedication (I recently read about a 24-year-old managing director - what a joke).

I sincerely hope that this website opens doors for us and, perhaps, provides us with the motivation and foundation to organize against the wave of age discrimination. Thanks for a great website. Good luck to all.