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Monday, January 29, 2007

Darien Professionals - Tuesday night

I am looking forward to meeting job seekers in the Fairfield County, Ct area tomorrow night (Tuesday) at the Darien Professionals Networking group, 7:30 PM at the Darien public library. I have heard a number of good things about this particular group, come by if you have a chance and find out what other job seekers over 40 are up to. And I know that meeting you will help Jobs4.0 do its job better...Thanks.


Jay said...

Great presentation this evening. An eyeopener. I am almost 60 and you've given me some good tips on how to look forward and not back. Thanks again.

Jay Young

Tom Ferrara said...

Energizing discussion! It's great to learn that companies are starting to re-think their position on hiring experienced workers. Also, that we can help ‘move the needle’ by leveraging our experience by focusing our messages on what we CAN DO for employers.