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Thursday, February 1, 2007


Many thanks for all of the emails - NPR listeners are certainly an impressive group.

A couple of thoughts this fine February morning:

1. Jobs4.0 is adding jobs and talking to employers almost all day every day. Some are receptive to hiring job seekers over 40, a growing number are at least willing to listen to us, and a number just don't seem to care very much at all about reaching out to experienced workers. The point is that if you see a company (not necessarily a particular job)on our site that you have an interest in working for, apply to them!! Tell them you saw their postings on Jobs4.0, you applaud their ability to see the enormous value of hiring experienced workers, and then describe your skill set and what you can do for them. The point is, we are not necessarily getting every job from every employer that posts on our site. Go after it - and please tell them that you were led to them via Jobs4.0. Thanks.

2. I've been thinking a lot about automated application systems that more and more large employers are using these days. I had some great questions about this in Darien the other night (where by the way I met enough skilled, energetic, dynamic over 40 job seekers to make any HR manager smile). What kinds of questions do they tend to ask? I heard at least some of them seem designed to determine age. What is your experience? Please let me know, this needs to be examined.

3. You'll be seeing many more jobs on our site soon - and some in areas where we have very few jobs right now (like the entire state of Texas for example, as some of you have helpfully pointed out to me!!). Actually United American Insurance just posted jobs all over Texas, and more is to come from other employers, in Texas and elsewhere. Hang on cowboys and cowgirls, the cavalry is on the way....

Thanks so much for everyone's support. The more I see the emails and resumes come in to our office, the more convinced I am that it is the employers that have the most to gain from Jobs4.0. They have been ignoring an incredible group of people for far too long...


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dr. wu said...

what a terrific concept. i will be using it as i transition from my 30+ year broadcast industry career. thank you!