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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Welcome WNBC TV Viewers

Welcome to all our new job seekers who discovered Jobs4.0 tonight on WNBC's award winning evening newscast.

For new visitors to Jobs4.0 in NY and NJ, Welcome!! Please read our mission statement for more info about us. Essentially our goal is to open doors at PROMINENT employers for job seekers over 40 -- we work all day every day to find good jobs at top companies that want to judge job seekers over 40 on their skills and experience, not on how many candles were on their birthday cake last year. We screen every employer before accepting their postings. We refuse jobs postings that are sketchy and we reject jobs from temp agencies and headhunters.

In just 5 months since our launch, we are already partnering with GE, Starbucks, The Home Depot, MIT, Yale Hospital, Save the Children, Allstate Insurance, UBS, US Surgical, Merrill Lynch, Hyatt, Hilton and many many more employers.

We even posted our first jobs in Hawaii today! But frankly we need to do better in NY and NJ. (CT responded quite well already - with UBS, USSurgical, Starbucks, Save the Children and others). We have many job seekers from NY and NJ on our site, but not enough quality employers have come forward yet (although we are close to posting jobs from a number of top employers in NY/NJ- stay tuned).

You won't see our ads on billboards or on the sides of city buses. We grow the best way possible - organically, by recommendation and word of mouth. Spread the word!! When you apply from our site you are helping confirm to companies that job seekers over 40 support the mission of Jobs4.0. Together we can fight ageism in the hiring process!

Because we insist on posting jobs from prominent employers only, it takes a bit more time than we'd like to find quality jobs in every category and location. So PLEASE BE PATIENT as we ramp up. New jobs are added every day - so if no jobs match your criteria, please check back soon! AND ALSO, take a look at the employers using our site and write to them, tell them you support their efforts to reach out to job seekers over 40! We are looking to change the corporate culture that exists in too many places, a culture that completely ignores experienced workers. We need to show the more progressive employers that we recognize and support them!

I'll be writing a column for starting next month about mid-career issues. I'd like to write about issues that are of greatest concern to you, so please write to me with your comments, stories, questions, etc!

Again thanks for your support, and welcome!

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Brad Shoap said...

I viewed your spot on NBC last evening. I have to say a big THANK YOU! It is past time that companies begin to understand the value of employees over 40. The old saying "with age comes wisdom" rings very true in this regard. Along with that comes the realization to "work smarter, not harder" which many younger workers do not realize till many years later. In many ways technology enables this and more. I have been in the IT business for 20 years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that no University can copy and/or teach. However, after several months of unemployment and job searching I see the younger, (and seemingly more energetic) candidates landing positions that I could perform with eyes closed. I have discovered a number of companies use the old "your over qualified" to get around the age discrimination issue. As an IT Director of many years, I have even observed this pratice at companies I've worked for. Many companies believe they will receive more productivity by hiring the younger candidate with a long list of certifications. In the long run this will bring higher cost to the company because these younger candidates are not as seasoned, require more direct supervision, and work far too many hour to accomplish a task. The seasoned worker is much more likley to find more efficient and effective means to accomplish a task, looking for ways to save the company money. The other major factor is cost. More mature workers will naturally ask for a higher salary due to thier skills and years experience. I have to say this to the IT comapanies out there that believe they are getting high quality employees by hiring younger candidates.....YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!