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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Today's Quiz

Today's quiz: What do these numbers mean? What are they? prime numbers, my bowling scores?
69 68 65 64 64 62 61 61 61 60 58 57 57 57 57 56 56 56 55 55 55 55 54 54 54 54 54 52 52 51 51 51 51 51 50 49 49 48 47 46 46 43 42

These were the ages of the successful job seekers for the office of President of the US. All over 40, most over 50. Hmmmm.

Yes, the minimum age to be POTUS is 35, but isn't that interesting? Our founding founders (the old geezers!!) apparently saw the wisdom in excluding YOUNGER candidates and so established a minumum age to be president, but they saw no danger in allowing older candidates to serve as president and therefore did not establish any age limit!

And has anyone heard any call to amend the Constitution so that people younger than 35 can be president? Of course not, we all know that over 40 or over 50 or over 60 is still plenty young enough -- to be POTUS or anything else!!
Yet if Abe Lincoln were alive today and at 50 years old he decided to seek an in house counsel job instead of run for POTUS, he'd never get past the online application system at most big employers. Lincoln could write the Gettysburg Address of all cover letters, and most HR managers wouldn't even take the time to read it....

Maybe I'll point this out to some of the HR managers I am scheduled to meet with this week....


PS. Keep applying to the jobs you see on Jobs4.0!! We are making great progress!

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