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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sound familiar?

Check out this email that I received from a gentleman who saw a story about Jobs4.0 on NBC in MD today. This will strike some people as amazing, others merely as confirmation of their own experiences:

"I'm a 50-something lawyer, working as a government consultant, trying to get back into an active law job. I'd been in a federal appointment that was eliminated through budget cuts. I was so pleased to find out about your site last night on the local NBC news in Washington. I looked for a job this morning; although I didn't find one today, I'll be back on your site.
Even when salaries are comparable, age discrimination is blatant in the legal field. I'd gotten through 6 individual interviews with one law firm with flying colors, to have the chief partner interview me. That partner was a woman, about my age, and I thought--briefly--a woman would understand employment discrimination, would understand age discrimination, would have likely encountered it--and this was a firm that handled employment law disputes, including age discrimination. She looked over my resume, looked up at me, and said, "I don't much care what my partners have said. You're about my age--and I don't know where I'd put you; you'd be taking orders from younger people, and I don't think you'd fit in with that."
Another law firm saw my resume on one of the commercial job sites, called me in, and then had the hiring partner tell me in an interview, before he'd asked question one, "I didn't screen these resumes. This job is beneath you. I really wanted someone with less experience, a younger attorney. How many trials have you had?" After I replied, he said, "This would be a waste of time. You've tried more cases than I have. I'll validate your parking, though."
Please keep plugging away for the "seasoned" veteran. We know how to show up for work, and we know how to get the work done. "

Sometimes a CEO or newsreporter will seem incredulous when we discuss the rampant ageism that exists in much of corporate America. They ask, "do hiring managers really SAY such things?' -- Well, as you can see yes they do, and the problem is so acute that even partners in law firms may have no problem discriminating on the basis of age.

Keep those emails coming, they keep us motivated to find employers that embrace job seekers over 40!!


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