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Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Next, a Standing Ovation for Coming to Work?

One of the objections companies say they have to hiring workers over 40 is that they 'may be too set in their ways'and won't fit in with the company. I know from many of the speaking engagements I have done that older job seekers feel that this is one of the main reasons why younger HR managers discriminate against them.

My reply is always the same - for every obstacle that HR managers want to create to hiring older workers -- real or imagined-- there can be a similar obstacle that could be placed to hiring younger workers. Older workers increase health insurance premiums? Well younger workers are more likely to have dependent children on their insurance policies. Older workers are too set in their ways? Well, younger workers don't work as hard, they reject authority, they feel like their job is an entitlement.

But while ageism drives HR managers away from older workers, companies are forever chasing younger workers - and spending more and more money and resources in the process. There's an interesting piece on NPR this morning about just how far companies are going to appease the "Me Generation" of younger workers. Some companies are actually hiring coaches -- essentially cheerleaders-- because younger workers need to feel like they are appreciated at the office!

Amazing, when there is a growing talent pool of over 40 workers that will work hard, respectfully and reliably for 20 more years, and who understand that a job is a privilege and is not simply another venue to be pampered or catered to.


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