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Monday, June 18, 2007

It's Time

Sorry for not blogging in a while... we've been incredibly busy these past weeks...
we've had 4 speaking engagements the past few weeks... which is quite enjoyable and I learn so much from job seekers whenever I speak with them.... but it really cuts into my blogging time.

Anyone see the Time magazine article on the aging workforce?,8599,1633194,00.html
The article misses the point in the way so many articles in the mainstream press often do. The aging workforce means so much more than not having enough caregivers to help us out of our wheelchairs!! Why can't the media get passed this? The major problem surrounding our aging workforce is that companies must re-think their hiring policies and reach out to the over 40 job seeker. Companies who want to continue to grow in the coming years simply must re-assess ageism in the hiring process.... there aren't enough younger workers coming in to the workforce.. this is a big change from what employers have grown accustomed to in the last 50 years.. and way too many employers are simply ignoring the coming tsunami..

But Jobs4.0 is making progress.... we are signing up more great employers every week. A major new financial organization will be joining us this week, and Moody's Investor joined us last week, along with a dozen other prominent employers.. Take a look..

Back to work! And keep those emails coming, we really like hearing from you.

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