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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Great news for Jobs4.0 Users

Great news today for all job seekers over 40.... today Jobs4.0 and Arbita --the leading provider of global job advertising distribution solutions-- announced that they will be working together to help major employers attract and retain job seekers over 40.

Multigenerational Recruiting is vital to reaching the entire workforce and achieving a bias-free workplace,” said Doug Ries, Executive Vice President of “Partnering with Jobs4.0 will add value for our clients by enabling them to target seasoned candidates who bring experience, skills and wisdom to their organizations,” Ries concluded.

We've been working with Arbita for many months now and they are a dynamic, highly effective company. This new announcement today should really help us expand our reach into new markets... meaning lots more job opportunities for all of our job seekers over 40. Stay tuned!!

Thanks to all for their support - we couldn't have great days like today without the growing legion of skilled, experienced workers over 40 who continue to support Jobs4.0....

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