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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nice Niche

We tell this to employers every day, but still it's nice to see it in the Wall Street Journal... yesterday's Career Journal(page B6), has article titled "Employers, Online Job Hunters Turn to Niche Web Postings". Article points out that the mega-boards are down substantially, while some niche sites are gaining more and more traction. The article also nails the point that some niche sites are doing well because they deliver less irrelevant resumes but more quality candidates to the employers.
As I've said many times, the big job boards don't make a lot of sense - their model is too mindlessly capture all the resumes they can instead of smartly targeting job seekers that employers actually want to hear from. Lots of users may help big job boards sell banner space on their sites, but it doesn't help employers who end up having to wade through large numbers of bad resumes. WHO you attract to your site, and HOW you attract them, makes all the difference. Advertising a job board on the side of a bus, or on soap operas, as some of these board relentlessly do, is not the answer. And employers are starting to notice.


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