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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Letter from Jobs4.0 User

Here's a letter I recently received from a Jobs4.0 user who found a job on our site. We've received a number of these lately, but this one in particular struck a chord with me..

"On my birthday, _____, I was dismissed from my job as a Tier 2 Technical Support Engineer in the IT industry. I was 53 years old.

On April 4, 2001, I had been laid-off from a similar position when the technology bubble burst and it took me over 3.5 years to find similar employment, albeit at half of my previous salary.

I was not the Lone Ranger in that story. There were ten's of thousands like me, people over 40 with a strong IT resume who could not find employment in the IT industry.

Having had that experience, my future looked extremely bleak on January 17, 2007, as I began another job search.

At the end of January, on his way to work, my doctor heard Bruce Reznick's NPR story about Jobs 4.0. Also , Mr. ______of ______, Inc., heard the same story.

That same day, while my doctor was telling me about Jobs 4.0, Mr. _____ was posting a job notice on Jobs 4.0. On Saturday, February 3, I discovered that notice on Jobs 4.0 and submitted my application.

After 2 days of telephone tag, I had a 50-minute telephone interview on Wednesday, February 8, and a 4-hour personal interview the next day. On Monday, February 12, I started my new position ., as Chief Technology Officer.

Need I say more?

Steven, I am forwarding your letter to people I know who will benefit from Jobs 4.0 and I am encouraging them to forward your letter to people they know. Viral marketing will get the word out and those folks in Iowa, Montana and Hawaii along with many, many others will get your message.

Thanks again for what you are doing!


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