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Monday, April 30, 2007

The Most Emailed Questions to Jobs4.0...

After a great weekend of coaching little games, I sat down to work last night to answer some emails. The questions we receive most, by a wide wide margin, are 'can I send you my resume?' and 'Does Jobs4.0 maintain a resume database?'
Answers, yes and yes.

We've received hundreds and hundreds of outstanding resumes that we now maintain in a private database. I don't see the value in a public resume space -- I would never post my resume on one of them, and I imagine many good candidates wouldn't either. Although it might work for a few people, I think for the type of job seekers that use Jobs4.0, we have a far better alternative.

We have a private database of resumes that only Jobs4.0 has access to. We review and forward the relevant resumes to select employers/clients of Jobs4.0. We do all the work so job seekers can maintain privacy in their job search and employers get the value of receiving pre-screened resumes from skilled job seekers who are savvy enough not to paste their resume all over the internet.

So..... if you haven't done so already, send us your resume, and tell us what types of jobs and locations are of interest to you.... we'll do our best to help. At no charge.

By the way, the little league games were great fun.... if you ever get a chance to coach, you should try it! I learn something from them every game.


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