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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jobs4.0 Users Are Getting Jobs!

Great developments -- we've learned of 4 people in the past weekthat have received offers from jobs they applied to on Jobs4.0. Very good. Here's one Jobs4.0 job seeker who wrote to tell us about it:
"I just wanted to let you know that I applied for one of the advertised positions, interviewed and was offered the position yesterday, and have significantly improved my situation. Thank you.

Please accept my compliments and feel free to use this communication as a heartfelt testimonial from a very satisfied contact.

Best wishes.


If you received a job offer from a Jobs4.0 company, please let us know. And write to us about any interviews you've had, we'd really like to hear about your experiences, it will help us do a better job for you.

PS. But the first step has to be yours - find the job or the employer that is a good match for you on Jobs4.0 and go after it!! For ideas on how to maximize your chances of success, see my article (go to and click on the link)

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