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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Upcoming Radio Program

For those of you in the Cincinnati area, I'll be doing a call-in radio program this Sunday, April 1 from around 2:10- 2:40 EST. The program is called Talent Wins, and it airs on 55 KRC (550 AM), a FOX radio station. I'd love to hear from you, if you can call in. The show is also available on line at

We've done many of these around the US, but each show also has some surprises - either in the types of calls we get, or the direction in which the host drives the conversation. The host of this program is also a career counselor, so I would expect this program to be more substantive than most.

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Anonymous said...

Great..... I thought it was only me. No one ever talks about age. Once upon a time, I had a great resume & had a hard time to recreate it, because of my unability to find a job... I had a huge block when it came to my resume.
However, now in the light of day, I found out that I was my worst critic.
Not only was my resume my critic, I was overly desperate & that was also my downfall.
Thanks for your column...