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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And the Survey Says.....

"A national survey by the Boston College Center on Aging and Work shows many U.S. companies are not prepared for the shortfall in labor, experience and expertise that will accompany the retirement of the baby boomer generation. "

We've been saying this every day for 6 months, but it's nice to see a respected research institution confirm what we've known for a long time. Jobs seekers over 40 are going to become more and more valuable to employers in the next few years. Even the companies that fail to see the value that older workers bring (less training time, better work habits, more stability, more skill, etc) will be forced to start hiring older workers in the coming years.

There is an impending labor shortage (and shortage of expertise) in the US that most companies are completely ignoring. And the smart companies will start branding themselves now as being open to hiring older workers. Job seekers: you need to find those companies that "get it",and try not to be discouraged by the many employers that don't.

Here's a link to the national survey article:


Anonymous said...

Well you have shown me for certain that business will take my money but has no interest in my talent. It would have been nice if on a job search you would at least have McDonalds come up as a default. I think I will make my living from now on filing law suits....

NoJoCo said...

Perhaps the leading edge of the companies whom decide to begin hiring the over 40 group will be recognized as the "leader" in the coming years. It can't happen soon enough! I'm ready to continue my work in the UNIX world for another 20 years.