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Monday, March 5, 2007

Article on - Resumes for Job Seekers Over 40

The question I get asked most often by job seekers is 'what can I do to make my resume more compelling?" My first article as a contributing writer for addresses that very topic. It was posted on today.

Take a look, it has 3 of the best pieces of advice that I have acccumulated in my 16 plus years working with job seekers over 40.
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Anonymous said...

I am a senior level IT consultant who was out of work close to two years; between 12/03 and 9/05. I calculated I sent/applied/inquired for over 1000 job positions in IT.

I finally decided that I was being age discriminated against; I was 55 in 2003. As an experiment to confirm my suspicions, I revised my resume to show only 15 years of recent experience and also removed any age tracking infornation such as year I graduated from college, etc. Immediately, I started getting inquiries. Of course, once they(employers)found out how old I really was and that I had close to 30 years IT experience, that was the end of the interview process.

Bottom line - whether you place dates or not on your resume doesn't matter since you don't stand a snowball in hell chance of securing permanent meaningfull employment in a major US corporation.

Anonymous said...

After eights months searching for a job this is the first common sense, most clever and encouraging article I've seen among the thousands of job boards.
Congratulations and many thanks.