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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Reason We Started Jobs4.0..

Here's an email we received today. Many more like it in our inbox.
From AH. Scottsdale: “Whew......... I thought I was alone, after reading the story on about you and your company I never thought that 40 was the new 60 when it came to making a new career change. I am 41 years old (although I feel 25) and with what I feel are a lot of successes under my belt, yet I feel that I am being "2 week'ed" to death by companies and recruiters to whom I have been speaking with over the past month. I was wondering if I am considered too old at what I feel is the best time of my life and with so much dedication and experience left to offer. I have recently relocated from San Francisco to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area after selling my company and feel that I could possibly be an asset to any organization… I was very impressed with your attitude towards this new and seemingly rising problem for people in our age bracket and it makes sense that we need to stick together, I am sure there are many 40 somethings out there that feel the same resistance….

Once again, congratulations on a stellar article and Happy New Year!”

I'll continue to post samples of these emails. I'd also like to have job seekers share the strategies that they have come up with to deal with ageism. Anyone have any good stories to share? what about things that have not worked?
I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays,

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Anonymous said...

I think the idea you have put into action is great. I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Do you have plans to include job searches in Canada.

Interested and delighted,

Lorne Gallivan
Age: 53