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Monday, March 10, 2008

Survey Results

We're very pleased to announce the results of the first ever survey to determine the Best Employers for Job Seekers Over 40 in the US. We've been working on this for over 4 months.. and we were very fortunate that our brilliant friends at the Cannon Survey Center at UNLV were willing to put in so much time to draft this unique survey and tabulate the responses.

We'll have more to say on this soon, but here's the full text of our press release, which is being issued tomorrow Am.

"Best Employers for Job Seekers Over 40 Announced by Jobs4.0 (; Survey Will Assist Older Workers in Their Job Search.
WESTPORT, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The results of a first-ever survey to determine the Best Employers in the US for Job Seekers Over 40 were released today.

The survey was conducted by Jobs4.0 ( and the esteemed Cannon Survey Center at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Jobs4.0 is the leading job search board focused exclusively on opportunities for job seekers over 40.

Employers were judged on over 20 separate criteria, including rates of new hires of workers over 40, recruitment policies and goals, health benefits and job security for older workers, flexible work options for older workers and more. "This is the first time any survey has tried to capture this essential data," said Jobs4.0 founder and CEO Steven J. Greenberg.

"There is a tidal change coming in labor demographics that will hit corporate America like a tsunami,” Greenberg noted. In the coming years over 76 million baby boomers will retire, but only 46 million younger workers are in line to replace them. The median age of the US workforce will soon be over 40, for the first time in many generations. “We talk to major employers all over the US, and while some are already planning for these changes, far too many seem oblivious to the labor challenges directly ahead of them,” Greenberg said. “The survey identifies some of the most forward-thinking employers. These employers are already taking steps to attract a segment of the labor pool that have been ignored by major employers for too long.”

"The survey results are also a unique and valuable resource for job seekers over 40,” Greenberg noted. “Older job seekers desperately want to find employers that will not view their age and experience as something to be avoided. Ageism in hiring remains prevalent in too many places, and this survey will help point older job seekers - not only retiring baby boomers, but all workers 40 and above - in the right direction.”

“The responding companies represent more than a quarter million employees,” said Cannon Survey Center director Pamela Gallion. “So the data we collected should be useful to both job seekers and employers who want to attract experienced workers. There are several specific things that employers can do to make themselves more attractive to older workers, and our survey results can help them accomplish that.”

The Best Employers for Job Seekers Over 40, as determined by the survey:

* Yale-New Haven Hospital

* The Hartford

* Princeton University

* PNC Bank

* Southeast Corporate FCU

* Compuware

* UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

A full report on the survey findings is available to the media upon request to

About Jobs4.0

Jobs4.0 posts thousands of full, part-time and seasonal job listings in all job categories across the US. Every employer is screened to ensure that they embrace job seekers over 40. Jobs4.0 allows job seekers to review all job listings without charge.

About the Cannon Survey Center

Located on the campus of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, the Center has served the university and the state of Nevada since 1977. The Center provides the management, staff, and facilities required to conduct all phases of telephone, internet, and mail surveys. CSR is committed to providing a broad range of research expertise.


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