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Monday, July 16, 2007


"Why are people over 40 looking for a job?" is a question I get asked a lot by employers. Of course there are many reasons.... I saw an interesting survey today, contained in a new book called Seduction and Risk: The Emergence of Extreme Jobs, that perhaps sheds light on some of them.

The survey, also summarized in the Harvard Business Review, reveals the very high hidden costs of high level, 'extreme' jobs.. Among those surveyed, 69 percent said their extreme jobs undermine their health, 58 percent said that their work gets in the way of a good relationship with their kids, 46 percent said it hurts their marriage. I wonder how many Jobs4.0 users share some or all of these feelings, and how many are looking a different job because of that....

Whatever your reasons - and of course there are many many other reasons beyond the 'burnout' ones noted in the survey - we've added a host of new jobs yesterday and today.... good luck....


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LMB said...

"Youngsters want to make their own mistakes; in general they know that older people have more experience and they fear it. God forbid that they should hire someone with experience, listen to them and make millions."

So true. Someone has posted this at '' on a article about ageism in IT industry.

Your project 'Jobs4.0', Steve, is truly amazing and fortunately there are people like you that have decided to push for all with tons of experience, but somehow labeled as a sort of 'misfits' to work again, only a little bit older.

Here,in Europe, a buzz word is making some 'noise'in some countries: flexisecurity.
This is a Danish labor model (in fact with more than 100 years of experience in this field) that tends to turn more flexible (in short) two sentences: 'You're hired' and 'You're fired'. Of course, when the last sentence is pronunced, people know in Denmark, they can count with higher proteccion from danish Social Security and true help in finding a new job. But this only possible in a country with one of the most higher fiscal taxes in the world. Extremely hard to set up in most european countries, nevertheless, it seems that is going to ba a fact.

And this means, that's for sure, that in order to decrease unemployment rate, the young ones could be in, but those in the mid 40/50, definitely will be out. And ageism (IT or any other industry) will also be there, as usual.

So, *why* people seeks for a job in their mid 40's ? Simply because they are not 'trash' to put aside and they can bring effective experience and a true word of wisdom.

And I must confess that I feel tempted to replicate the concept of your project, here.

All the best to you and the people you're helping to find new paths in their professional lives.

Greetings from the other side of the Atlantic: Lisbon, Portugal.