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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Articles of Interest

"Shifting demographics and new realities in the workplace are sending more and more adults back to school, either in pursuit of a lifelong dream or in search of a more rewarding (monetarily or spiritually) career. " So begins an interesting story I saw today on Take a look.. here's the link;

Also an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal (page B2B), about a recent study demonstrating that baby boomers want to do more volunteer work, but are frustrated by a lack of information, access to opportunities, etc. Of course, that mirrors what we see on the non-volunteer side of the labor equation.... the point is that mature workers are apparently too often ignored for opportunities, whether or not they want to be paid for their efforts... To me, this really highlights the bias that many employers have against reaching out to older workers --- if you're not hiring people even when they want to work for nothing, then what are their reasons?? In many cases it's because of discrimination against older workers - so don't buy the notion that employers aren't hiring workers over 40 b/c they are too expensive... too many don't hire them even when it comes to volunteering...


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