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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jobs4.0 Update/Gifts for the Holidays

[From our latest newsletter]
Here's a quick update on what we've been up to at Jobs4.0 these past few weeks. If you haven't visited our site lately, please do so (! We've added many jobs lately, and in early 2008 we will be adding at least three superb new major employers to our site. We've been talking to them for months about how job seekers over 40 can be a tremendous asset, and to their great credit, they have each seen the light! More on them soon.

We expect many other employers to be adding jobs to our site in 2008. And every job will be real (not scraped from other sites) and will be from an employer that values experience and job seekers over 40. Thanks for your continued support - our goal is to deliver meaningful job opportunities to every user of our site.
Jobs4.0 Update

1. Survey

Last week we launched the first-ever survey regarding the hiring of job seekers over 40 at major employers all over the US. Many of you have emailed us over the past year asking for this information, and we are making a big effort to gather it now. We're also very pleased that one of the leading survey centers in the US, the Cannon Survey Center at UNLV, has donated their time to draft the survey and to analyze the responses. We'll be announcing the Best Employers in the US for Job Seekers Over 40 in February 2008. We expect that you will find this information useful in your job search.

Do you want your employer to participate? Have them request a survey from us at Thanks.

2. Newspaper column

Thanks to all of you who have sent in comments and questions regarding my newspaper column called 'Ask Jobs4.0'. The column answers readers questions about job search for the older job seeker. Right now it appears in 5 CT papers, and we believe more will be carrying it shortly. If you'd like to receive a copy of my last column, just email me and we'd be happy to get that to you. Also, if you'd like your regional paper to carry it, please let us know that as well, thanks.
Have any questions, or comments about ageism in the hiring process? Please send them to me at

3. Trial Referral Program
For the holidays, and as a thank you for your great support this year, we thought we'd try something new. If you refer anyone to Jobs4.0 and they get a job from a listing on our site, we'll pay you a referral fee of $250. All we need is an email from the employer confirming that they hired the Jobs4.0 candidate. Once we confirm the hire and the referral, you get paid! It will help you pay a few holiday bills, and you'll be making a friend very happy as well! We'll keep the offer open until March 31, 2008.

And good luck with the last minute shopping! Maybe you can give a friend a great looking job description from Jobs4.0 for the holidays. The perfect gift for the over 40 person on your list who has everything (except a job they like)!

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