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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Colorado Rocky

Here's an article that just appeared in a Colorado newspaper about the aging workforce ..... it's pretty standard in that it sounds all the alarms about a shortage of younger workers on the horizon, and a failure or many employers to even notice the problem. So far so good. But as usual, the article preaches retaining older workers as the only remedy.. of course it's not. Employers need to consider attracting new job seekers who are not college graduates.. half the labor pool will soon be over 40, and employers can not continue to pretend that job seekers between 40 -60 don't exist. They not only exist, but many have the skills, maturity and energy to be valuable employees.... as we know!

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I moved to the Denver area about 15 months ago with no jobs lined up before arriving. My wife is over 40 and I'm just over 50. Even though my wife could have found another job in the Los Angeles area in a heartbeat, it took her 4 months and a dozen personal interviews at different employers to get just one offer, that she had to accept. As for me, I'm still unemployed after applying for many positions around Denver. So far, I've only received two calls and no personal interviews. Even Home Depot didn't respond! I've been told (but not by employers) that my 27 years at my previous employer is clearly giving away my age.
Obviously, age discrimination is very stong in the Denver area...